Lugano diamonds is one of the international diamond jewelry brands that have gained a huge reputation in the market with its kind of jewelry designs. Also, this diamond retailer store sells precious gem stones that are seldom find in the local and international diamond market. Undeniably, to design a single piece of jewelry it takes years for the diamond jewelry experts. They need to choose the right stones, color, size and shape it and them embed these stones in the jewelry design. It is time-taking process, but at the end the customer would be satisfied to adorn this piece of remarkable jewelry on them. In fact, customers will feel proud of wearing Lugano diamonds on them, which gives a class look and flaunts their wealth and status. Basically, the diamond buyers would do a lot of research while buying this expensive piece of diamond jewelry. They look after 4 C’s. There include color, clarify, carat, and cut. These things are checked thoroughly by the people while investing in this expensive jewelry.

Lugano diamonds have become the trust jewelry brand by many people as it sells only masterpiece jewelry designs that cannot be found near other jewelry designers. This Lugano diamond was started by Moti Ferder, a jewelry designer and diamond cutter. He has unparalleled experience and knowledge in cutting the diamond precisely. With this experience, he has ventured out into this diamond firm. Today, Moti Ferder is serving as the founder and Chief executive officer of the diamond firm. He is involved in procuring diamonds, cutting them, designing and then marketing into the market. In addition to this, he also carries our various philanthropic activities to serve the society. Moti Ferder has started this firm with the aim to design the best diamond jewelry in the market and to give an enriching diamond shopping experience to the diamond lovers who often has unpleasant experience while shopping diamonds.