One can add up to ten picks every day and if it is sorted among the best five, then the individual is awarded sports bucks. This is the best procedure that tends to create a solid user base on the cents sports platform. An individual can pick a choice as desired and simultaneously on the counterpart the computer automatically selects a pick in order to challenge the player. This; however, does not incur any charges in the form of the sports bucks account balance on centsports. This is permissible to be done once per day and in case one is lucky, they can earn the sports buck by defeating the computer pick up.


The best that needs to be placed on the platforms should be bigger ones. This is the main reason why the amount of each game is set high. For some of the games, the limits can be extended and increased under the permissible limit as granted by the platform. The scores are quick and with gradual advancement, it is becoming even quicker. The gap that is there in the form of delay is being cut shot every day with the advancement of the platform. Alterations can be easily done on the picks after placing them in case an individual is able to track down a better option or line or in case someone runs out of the earned sports bucks on the platform. These sports bucks are returned to the balance of the account during the course of the game.

There are questions asked on the platform on several subjects depending on various platforms. The answer to the questions can be chosen once only. The round has a timer that needs to be followed as each question only lasts for a significant amount of time within which the answer must be provided.