The type of jewellery set which is totally exceptional and an inspiration from the architecture and pattern of the Buddhist temples of Tibet is what is presented by lugano diamonds. The set which is a collection of a ring and a pair of earrings has been created by one of the most renowned jeweller of the world namely, Moti Ferder. He is the president and also the director of design.

Lugano Diamonds

Features of the Lugano Diamond set

This remarkable temple ring of Tibet clearly shows a shinny gray diamond which weighs around 4 carat or more. This is placed at the top of many other coats of diamonds which are again set on rose gold which weighs around 18 karat. This mesmerising piece of set also consists of a layer which is of diamond beads and weighs around 6 karats. These are flexible enough to rotate smoothly around the lower base of the temple ring.

Types of lugano sets

There are chandelier earrings of Tibet which is as stunning as the other set and weighs around 13.86 carat of diamonds which are round and also beads which are placed at the apex of rose gold. The rode gold weighs around 18 karat. The earrings are also flexible enough to rotate at the base. Both the Tibetan ring and the chandelier earrings from Tibet are exceptionally featured by lugano diamonds. Both can be worn along with each other and also independently. These are also easily available at any of the salons of lugano jewellery.

Contribution and spread of the brand

Lugano diamonds is considered to be a brand which tends to offer customer services to the maximum level. It is their sole duty to look forward to the expectations you personally possess and rise a little above that. They are proud to have supported the community as a whole thereby getting involved with several philanthropic ventures. This has in turn helped them in raising exceeding amount of funds particularly in dollars which is over millions. This has made a difference to the larger community for many well known causes.