Intense pulsed light or IPL is a technology made to remove body hair with the help of high-intensity light which is emitted by a flash lamp. Lasers emit monochromatic lights where IPLs can emit polychromatic light which is why they can produce a very wide range of wavelength which may vary from 500 nm to 1200 nm.


Method of hair removal


There is a light filter attached to the device which filters out the low-intensity lights and allows the red light or the infrared light to release and penetrate deep into the skin. This light is also attracted highly by the melanin present on the skin and hair. This absorption of the lights increases the temperature of the area. This increase in temperature when exceeds a certain limit, destroys the hair and the dermal base cells of the skin which means it will not be able to produce hair for a long time.

Impact of IPL


Normally there are some hair follicles which is inactive when the treatment is going on, and the IPL is only able to affect the active hair follicles. So the inactive hair follicles, when you get active, they start producing hair again, so this treatment does not lead to permanent removal of hair, but with time or with frequent rounds of this treatment, you can get rid of your body hair completely. There are people who have white hair or blonde hair. This means that this type of hair and skin lack melanin and this treatment is not ideal for these kinds of people. People with black skins should be very careful while going through this treatment because the black skin contains a good amount of melanin which leads to a sudden and extreme rise in temperature around the area and thereby bringing negative effects. To treat that type of skin, skin cooling arrangements and lower energy settings are required.


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