Many types of tumbler are available in the market but few of them can be very unique and therefore these stand out from the rest. The Kona 24 Hour/Ice 20 oz Tumbler with New 100% Spill Proof Lid is one such variety. To call this container as a futuristic tumbler would not be an exaggeration due to its multiple mind-blowing features. To begin with, the tumbler is vacuum insulated which means that hot will stay hot and cold shall stay cold for a considerable long period of time. Then there is fingerprint resistant feature as well which again means that any fingerprint will not be visible over it. In addition to these, the following features are also there, which lend this tumbler a very unique touch.


  • The tumbler is spill proof – The tumbler is unique also due to the fact that there is a spill proof lid that is provided by the manufacturer’s for a complete boot. Extreme care has been taken by the designer’s of this tumbler so that any chances of spillage have been completely eliminated. This can specifically be beneficial for kids and children, most of whom stay absent minded so that drinks are usually spilled up here and there. This feature can help eliminate that constraint. The tumbler can easily be viewed and purchased at
  • It comes with money back guarantee – The sellers also know that the product is quite unique and hence they have also extended a money back guarantee with it. Though it can be a sales ploy but at the same time it cannot be discounted that the product does have certain core benefits attached to it so that customers will be attracted to it. Moreover, it also helps to create a feeling of trust in a customer’s mind.

This tumbler is receiving good reviews from its customers and hence the Kona tumbler can be easily bought and used for many applications.