The presence of heat, moisture as well as other organic matter is sure to cause the growth of mold in the humidor. Therefore, you need to take proper care of the humidor to prevent the occurrence of these conditions. If you are thinking that eliminating moisture completely will solve your problem, then you are wrong there too, as it will make the cigars brittle. The cigarhumidorguy can give you proper information about these things.


The spores of the molds are found everywhere. If you are providing them old with right conditions of heat as well as humidity, then they are going to flourish. If the 70% humidity range is breached in the humidors, then these molds are seen to start developing. The mold appears in patches and are known to remove the flavor and aroma from the cigars. The growth of the mold is quite slow and hence if you find strange smell in the humidor, you should brace for an attack of the mold.

Killing off spores

After you have completed brushing off mold growth from the humidor, it is time to place them in a cool as well as relatively dry environment. You can kill of the mold present by use of isopropyl alcohol too. The mold is actually not visible and hence you require to clean the humidor thoroughly.

Complete removal

In order to completely get rid of the mold, you may require repeating the above mentioned process as well as adopt others. You can even sandpaper the interiors to get rid of the mold. You need to go on till the musty smell inside the humidor has vanished.

The final wash of the humidor is done by use of sponge and distilled water. You can always check out for more tips regarding these processes.