Abraham Zaiderman is the ultimate name in the restaurant business. Many will agree on this. He is the Founder and CEO of a consulting company. He has over 30 years of expertise in the restaurant industry. He began his career from ground level in the restaurant industry.


He is quite famous in Potomac, Maryland. He is a family man. He started his career at the age of 13 years. He started his journey as a waiter. He needed to support his family at that moment. He used to multi-task as a mechanic, photographer and a teacher.

The Journey from New York City to Washington DC

Abraham Zaiderman was working as a teacher along with his wife in New York City. However, by the turn of faith, they were sacked from their job. That instance, he had decided to shift to Washington DC, to do business with his brother.

His Business Empire

Slowly, but steadily he started building his restaurant business chain. He poured over his entire expertise of working as a waiter in his business. He faced numerous challenges. But he never lost heart. He learnt from his mistakes and made the failures, stepping stones to success. He developed a new interest in investment in Real Estate, apart from the restaurant business. He started investing and gained profits. This re-instated his belief in himself.

Being a first generation entrepreneur, he was ready to take risks from the very beginning. He expanded his business from restaurants to fast food chains and franchises.

Marketing Excellence

He had researched well in this line of business. He knew that the restaurant industry thrives on referrals. From the very beginning, he stressed heavily on quality service. Word of mouth publicity is what he relied on, for his business expansion. He also markets heavily on Facebook and Instagram. Abraham Zaiderman Consulting thrives today, as an extension of his ambitions.

With his vision, generosity and risk-taking ability, he is surely made for greater avenues.